About us

Vogue Drycleaners have been operating in Hamilton for over 30 years. Our team of garment care experts are dedicated to providing a high quality drycleaning service that is second to none.

The Vogue 8 Stage Garment Care

1. Initial Check 
Garments are inspected for cleaning including checking pockets, buttons, detailing and stains. 

2. Stain Removal
Marks are pre-treated to loosen stains to maximide the effect of the cleaning process.

3. Cleaning
Garments are sorted for colour and the cleaning process to ensure each article receives the correct procedure. Cleaning is carried out by our highly skilled professionals.

4. Inspection
All garments go through a post cleaning inspection for stain removal, cleanliness and condition.

5. Repairs
Any minor repairs are carried out – missing buttons, fallen hems, seams.

6. Finishing
Your garments are pressed appropriately by our team of professional garment pressers to achieve and flawless finish.

7. Inspection
Garments are individually re-inspected for colour, stain removal and press quality.

8. Packing
Your garment order is brought together and packaged on hangers or boxed and protected by film or garment bags for safe return.


I would recommend Vogue to anyone thinking of using a dry-cleaning or stain removal service.
— Christine Bourke