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Bridal Service

Such a precious garment as one’s wedding gown, deserves special care – care that only a quality garment care cleaner like Vogue Drycleaners can provide.

In order to achieve extraordinary results, we begin with a thorough inspection of your gown. Our experts meticulously review the fabric, seams and embroidery of the gown, and then devise the ideal cleaning method based on years of experience.

Our Drycleaners gently and painstakingly perform pre-treatment for existing soil or stains,  the gown is then cleaned using the appropriate method.

Once cleaned and inspected, your gown goes on to our finishing department, where one of our expert finishers will carefully hand-finish the gown, maintaining and revitalizing its original design.

Concluding the process, your gown undergoes a final inspection, and all of the embroidery and any accessories are carefully replaced and scrutinized. Finally, your gown is placed in a gown bag.


Business Shirt Service

Looking good and feeling great has never been so easy.

Whether you’ve got an important event or it’s for everyday wear, we will take good care of you and your business shirts.

We individually inspect each item, wash, press, iron, and hang. Leaving your shirts with a clean and crease-free finish.

At $4 per shirt with 5 or more shirts dry cleaned, you’ll wonder why you didn’t order online sooner.


Duvets & Furnishings

It’s probably something you don’t wish to think about too often, but it is likely you are sharing your bed with thousands of unwanted house-guests every night!

Because of the warmth and moisture content, your duvet is the perfect habitat for dust mites, bed bugs and the bacteria and fungal spores they leave behind, which creates a serious need for regular duvet cleaning.

Allergens produced by dust mites can often be the cause of allergic reactions, and in some people can trigger asthma attacks or other respiratory ailments.

Experts now recommend that your duvets are cleaned at least every six months. By having them cleaned at Vogue Drycleaners you will ensure that highly-effective sterilisation and removal of allergens occurs and in addition, your duvets are refreshed and revived.


Curtains & Drapes

Vogue offers professional curtain cleaning services to the Waikato at a reasonable price.

Curtains can be cleaned by either using the wet cleaning method or by drycleaning. Choosing the correct curtain cleaning system is important. Our curtain cleaning specialist will visually inspect the fibres of the curtains in order to decide which method will best suit your curtains. Curtains will be hand treated, cleaned, pressed if required and packaged ready to be hung.

We can clean most types of curtains and drapes including thermal and lined Curtains, blinds and verticals and are experts when it comes to the removal of mould, mildew, smoke and other odours.


Laundry Service

Enjoy the freedom of having your laundry taken care of with our professional laundry service.

With our commercial washing and drying machines we take pride in taking care of your dirty laundry, giving you more time to enjoy life. 

Our service is fast and affordable at only $6 per kg. We also offer a pick-up and delivery service. Place an order, we collect, we clean, and we deliver. It’s that easy.


Pick-up & Delivery

Our professional services are at your door step.

With a life full of work, family, and other commitments it can be hard to make time for your dry cleaning. Let us make your life a little easier with our pick-up and delivery service.

With our fast and affordable service, having your dry cleaning taken care of is only a few clicks away. Place an order, we collect, we clean, and we deliver. It’s that simple.