Keeping Blankets & Duvets Fresh

Blankets & Duvets – or Furnishings, are essential items in every home.

Furnishing composition ranges from synthetic to natural fibers; from non-woven to woven fabrics; and from neutral colours to exotic prints.

Caring for (non-electric) Blankets & Duvets

At some point in time, most blankets & duvets will need to be cleaned. It is always best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning blankets. Care instructions are usually provided on a permanent label or temporary hang tag. In most cases, furnishings should be machine washed on a gentle cycle in warm water and line or tumble dried on low heat.

Most blankets can also be dry cleaned (except for electric blankets, which can be damaged by dry cleaning).

Wool is Special

Wool blankets & duvets can be either of a woven or knit fabric construction and require special precautions when cleaning. Hot water or high drying temperatures may cause wool blankets to shrink and feel harsh and stiff. If the care label suggests, machine wash only in cold water on a gentle cycle with mild detergent, and line dry or tumble dry low.

Even though you may follow the recommended care instructions, some wool blankets may still experience shrinkage.

Industry standards for shrinkage in blankets allow as much as six percent after five washings. For example, a wool blanket that is 205 x 274cm in size can shrink as much as 12cm in one direction and 16cm in the other direction, resulting in a blanket that is 193 x 258cm in size.

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Scott Townsend